An Introduction and Tutorial for Common Lisp

This document provides a small set of resources and references on Common Lisp. It was originally prepared for students in the Part-Time MS Program in Computer Science at the Johns Hopkins University. Most of this document was written 10+ years ago, since much of my time is now spent doing Java and Ajax work. Nevertheless, please send corrections/suggestions to Marty Hall ( The original of this document is at Also see the Belorussian version of the tutorial, translated by Paul Bukhovko and provided by fatcow.

Note that some of the documents are in PostScript. If your WWW browser cannot display PostScript, they can still be saved and printed.

Table of Contents

Lisp-Related Books

Here are some of my personal favorite Lisp, AI Programming, and general AI texts. I can recommend all of them from personal experience. Click on the titles to see more information or to order them on-line.
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Online Lisp References

Issues for Lisp Beginners and Advanced Beginners

Issues for Intermediate/Advanced Lisp Programmers


CLOS is the "Common Lisp Object System", a powerful OOP package built into Common Lisp.

Internet Lisp Resources

Lisp-Related Papers


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